About Us


Who am I?

HI! I'm Garett and this is GMosher.ca

Why GMosher.ca you ask? Simply put...it's because nobody can spell my name correctly and I want to make sure people can easily find their way here. It's a KISS(keep it simple, stupid) strategy that I believe in and I try to apply that to everything I do.

My vision? To make fantastic photos that you'll have to treasure for years and years. I don't always get wrapped up in trends so if you're looking for "that guy" I honestly might not be best for you. Talk to me about your wants and needs and I'm sure we will come up with something you'll be quite happy with.

I specialize in a few different types of photography and you'll see that in the mish-mash of blog posts and images once there is a gallery I'm pleased with up. Motorsports and Automotive, Photojournalism and Portrait/Boudoir are the areas I concentrate on with a splash of Landscape tossed into the mix. I don't do weddings, babies, kids or corporate event type work anymore-to reference one of my favourite shows....Hard No.

Let's talk about any ideas you have and produce some work that you'll be proud to look at in 6 months, 6 years or 60 years!

Ok, Mosher...let's talk...

Let's chat about your photo-related needs. Get in touch!